Frequently Asked Questions

What is that website?

This is my little personal website where I collect samples of all the analog film stocks that I am trying as I dive deeper into analog photography. In the future I might add more sections, e.g. more in-depth analyses of digital sensors.

Why the name PhotonFolly?

I decided to name the site Photon instead of Photo to indicate a more scientific approach. The Folly part indicates that it might not be the best idea to dwell about the technical details of your camera instead of getting out and thinking about what to put in front of the lens.

What films do you include?

My goal is to shot at least one roll of every film on the market that is available as new stock. As I started this website in the summer of 2020 I will not include any film that is only available as expired film in 2020. Testing expired film stocks does not make sense in my opinion as the result will vary largely with the storage conditions and I don't want to be one of those guys that demonstrate you some nice film that you cannot get yourself.

Why are the provided sample images in different resolutions and bit depths?

All files provided are exactly as they are sent to me from the lab. However, depending on the film and the subject matter, I order my scans in different resolutions and bit depths. This is purely a monetary decision as I cannot afford having all my films scanned at the best possible quality.

How do you develop and scan your films?

At the moment I neither delevop nor scan at home. I use a number of professional labs and scanning services, the one used for a specific image is indicated on the individual page.

How do you edit your digital files?

I do not edit any example images at all. I upload them exactly as I receive them from the lab, only the resolution is adjusted for the preview images. However, when scanning a negative and turning it into a jpeg, there is always a choice to be made about the exposure, contrast, gamma settings and so on. Therefore all example images you find online will always have a certain bias in them. In the consequence I suggest that you look at several sites online if you want to make an informed purchasing decision.

Are you sponsered by manufacturer X?

As written in the disclaimer, I buy all films with my own money and pay for development and scanning myself. I don't think that any of the manufacturers are aware of my small website here with a handful of visitors a day, and I never had contact with them and do not receive anything from them.

Who are you?

I am a physicist by training and currently working in a public research institute in Germany.

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