Kodak Ultramax 400

Sample photos shot on 35mm at box speed with Helios 44-2

Sample photos shot on 35mm pulled to 100 speed with Pentax-M SMC 50/2.0

Sample photos shot on 35mm film. Developed and scanned by Nimmfilm in Leizip. All scans are presented in full resolution and unedited.

About Kodak Ultramax

Kodak Ultramax 400 is Kodak's offering for amateurs that need a faster color film. As a 400 film it is more expensive than ColorPlus 200 and Gold 200, a price increase that is unfortunately often compansated by selling 24 exposure cartridges in drug stores. As labs tend to charge a fixed price per roll processed indifferent to the number of exposures on it this is usually a bad deal, in the end the customer saves money by buying this film with 36 exposures in photo stores.

As a 400 film the grain is slightly more pronounced, the colors are more satured but exhibit fewer graduations. Pulling this film down to 200 or 100 speed is popular, the result is less saturation and contrast. This brings the film closer to the pastell look which is a popular features of the more expensive Kodak Portra line.


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