Kodak Tmax 100

Shot on 35mm at box speed with Pentax-M SMC 50/2.0

Example photos shot on 35mm film. Developed and scanned by Nimmfilm in Leizip. All scans are unedited. Full resolution TIFFs can be downloaded below. Beware the large file sizes.

About Kodak Tmax 100

The Tmax series of Kodak films uses flatcrystal technology to minimize film grain and maximize resolution. As such, Kodak advertizes Tmax 100 as the finest grain BW ISO 100 film in the world. This claim is certainly not unreasonable, even with on the 35mm format with high resolution scans there is barely any grain visible. At the same time the tonality of the film is pleasant, the exposure latitude wide enough to also capture scenes in hard sunlight. The film certainly demonstrates Kodak's leading capabilities in film technology.

With its technically nearly perfect characteristics Tmax 100 often has a polarizing effect on the analog community. Some praise the high degree of detail that can only be obtained with larger formats from other film stock while others critize the film for being almost digital, not upkeeping the unique look of analog photography. Personally I think that I will shoot many rolls of Tmax 100 in the future.


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