Bergger Pancro 400

Shot on 35mm at box speed with Pentax-M SMC 50/2.0

Sample photos shot on 35mm film. Developed and scanned by Nimmfilm in Leipzig.

About Bergger Pancro 400

Pancro 400 is the only photography film produced by the French manufacturer Bergger. The emulsion contains both iodine and bromine silver halides; this mixture is intended to give the film a wider exposure latitude (i.e. flatter contrast) than other film while also keeping the fine grain. According to Bergger, Pancro 400 can be used from 100 to 1600 ISO and is best developed in their own chemicals [1].

Even though the results I got certainly show a flat contrast profile the grain is more pronounced than I expected. This may be caused by the development, as I like the idea of a flat film I will explore this film future in the future. If optimal results can only be obtained with the Bergger developer this film might only be suitable for people who plan to develop a lot of rolls themselves.


[1], retrieved September 27th 2020


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